Introduction: 2004 Honda Accord Front Anti Roll Bar Bush

Hopefully a useful guide to a fiddley job

Step 1: Jack and Support the Car

I'm not going to show you this, I think you probably realise that you need to make sure the car is properly supported if you're going to get under it!!!

Step 2: Take Off the Front Wheels

Self explanatory!!

Step 3: Undo the Rear Engine Mount

This is a bit fiddley, but not too bad. Remove the under tray bolt and fold it back a bit, slacken the bolt on the subframe side of the mount (runs left to right) but don't remove it completely (you'll just make life difficult fir yourself!). The bolt to loosen is in the right hand side of the first picture, the one to remove on the left of the same one - I tried to show the other bolt to remove, but the photo doesn't really show this too well. The first photo was taken from the left of the car looking right (transverse if you like). The second looking up from under the car (hence the dodgy photography)!

Step 4: Undo the Mid Subframe Mounts

There are 2 bolts on either side of the car which hold the sub frame to the body shell via an anti vibration mount. I full removed both bolts on both sides to allow the subframe to tilt down. These were really tight and I was concerned about stripping them, but after plenty of WD40 and sweat, they came out.

Step 5: Undo the Rear Subframe Mounts

I started undoing the mounts bit by bit to allow the subframe to drop slowly, then put a jack underneath when I thought the bolts were getting to the point of coming out. Probably safer to put the jack under earlier. My way worked and the 4 bolts came undone pretty easily, the subframe only dropping slightly during after removal of the bolts.

Step 6: Removing the ARB Brackets.

This was the tricky bit!!! I managed to get a combination of 3/8" and 1/2" sockets, UJs and extensions to work, but the rear bolts were a real pain. The fronts were fine. I used a pry bat to win an extra couple of mm which made the difference!

Step 7: Put It All Back Together

Assembly was (as always) a reversal of removal. Nothing really to watch for, except make sure that if the subframe to chassis vibration dampening washer falls out during the process, you put it back in....