Introduction: 2004 Sabre Driving Lights

Adding driving lights to my 2004 Sabre. I have read several other posts on various sites. But I didn’t see much for the Sabre. Well let’s get to it.
I bought a set of chrome lights from Orielly auto parts for $22. This set didn’t come with a relay but luckily I had one from another project. I am not going to get into the wiring for them on a bike, since that has been beaten like a dead horse. I also picked up a set of Angle brackets from Home Depot for $3.  I had to open the holes on the bracket a little to allow the bolts to fit without having to change them.

Once the holes were the right size I mounted the lights to the brackets for a test fit.

Once at the bike to fit them in the right places I realized I had to flip the brackets to allow them to fit properly. And for a better overall look.

In the picture it looks like the bracket is almost touching the turn signal bar, but that is just the angle. I loosely put the lights on the brackets that way I can still aim them before tightening everything down.

Now to get to the wiring, which I am not going to describe how to do. There are WAY to many other places to find the way you want to do it. I will however show you how I placed my switch. Right in front of the tank is the plastic neck cover. On the left side panel I removed the panel and used a dremel to cut a hole to mount the switch. That way it will be within reach.

Once this is all wired up, the cover helps to conceal some of the wiring as well. Here is the finished product after tightening everything.

I just took it out for a ride to test it and it worked great. I actually saw several deer further up the road. This is something I should have done several years ago.
Hopefully this will give someone an idea of how to do it on their ride.