Introduction: 2007 Ford Mustang Interior Lighting System

This is for a LED lighting kit installation for any car but for this one I used a 2007 Ford Mustang. This lighting kid goes near both the front and passenger's feet and also the back seats as well.


For this project any LED lights should work. You should use ones for cars. Some brands that you could use is LED Glow, Govee, Unifilar, or wsiiroon are some brands that make LED lights specifically for cars. You will also need something to receive power. I chose to do a cigarette lighter adapter with leads to connect it to power. Also, to connect the LED and the power box I used zip-strips and and double sided adhesive.

Step 1: Connect the Power Source

You are going to need to connect the LED lights to the adapter for your car in this step.

Step 2: Connect LED to Your Car

Find something to zip-strip the LED to underneath both seats and the passenger and driver sides by their feet. You will need to also need to adhere the LED box to somewhere easily accessible in your car.

Step 3: Hide All Wires

You can tuck the wires underneath the center console and in between the two seats. You can plug it in and it will light up your car!