Introduction: 2009 UCF HPV (Human Powered Vehicle) Initial Pictures

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The 2009 model HPV my team is working on for the ASME HPVC.... We went out for a ride and here's some photos... We had a few crashes, but the vehicle took 'em like a champ... (only minor human damage :p)

Yes, I know the vehicle doesn't look pretty :p It's getting there - needs a wee bit of paint and such.

No, your knees do not hit the gears... The nut hanging next to it is another story - but that's being fixed as this is being written.

Wheel Size: 20" - 2 of them
Drive train: FWD - intermediate jack shaft (gear multiplier) - 9speed
Structure: Monocoque (unibody - fiberglass) with removable Sub Frame (cro-mo)
Seat: Composite Hard shell, adjustable
Roll bar: Sandwich composite - integral in structure
How Fast? We'll say when it's official

Okay, so now you know it's made of fiberglass... and not carbon fiber.... You don't need to make this sort of thing with carbon.... This shows that. We just don't have the budge for this much carbon :p

We'll have more pictures after the event :)