Introduction: 2012 Honda Dio Tail Lamp Replacement

In this instructable I'll try to explain the easy process of changing a rear tail light bulb on a 2012 Honda Dio. The steps are identical for most scooters. This is my first instructable so please do feel free to point out any mistakes I have made.

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Step 1: Tools Required and Lights

You only require a Philips head/star/crosshead screwdriver for this.

The lights are B15 type twin filament rear brake lights,they are 12v 21w/5w. You can find these in most automotive stores or visit a nearby authorized spares dealer.These are very cheap I got these for INR 20 (Indian Rupee)

Step 2: Removing the Outer Cover and Changing the Light Bulb.

Remove the 6 crews present on the tail light cover using a philips head screwdriver and carefully place the cover on a cloth to avoid scratches.

After removing the cover, rotate the lightbulb to the left to remove it from the socket.

Follow the steps in reverse order to fix everything back.

Thank you!!!!!