2016 Organizing Tip | From Closet to Supply Room

Introduction: 2016 Organizing Tip | From Closet to Supply Room

I want to have an organized home this year and this project was the perfect one to start my journey. We converted a bedroom in to an office. Now we are looking for a desk that doesn't have any drawers. But with that in mind, where are we going to store our office supplies? The goal is to be clutter free. Checkout how we converted the closet in the room using Dollar Tree items.

Step 1: Here Are the Supplies You Need to Complete This Project.



Screw Driver

1/2 " Screws (Just one for your starter hole)

1 1/4" Screws

Touch-up Paint

Paint Roller or Brush

Sanding Paper or Electric Sander

Vinyl Spackling

Putty Knife


4 Shelves (your choice)

8 Brackets (single or double for your tracks.)

2 Tracks (I am using the double tracks)

Step 2: Remove All of Your Old Racks From the Closet.

Be careful when removing the stabilizer screw. They will leave holes in your walls. This is why you need the spackle, putty knife and touch-up paint.

Step 3: Installing Your Tracks

Locate the studs in your walls and install your track.

Step 4: Follow the Steps in This Video to Complete Your Project.

All of these supplies on the third shelf and below were purchased at the Dollar Tree.

Enjoy the video! I'd love to hear from you. Happy New Year!

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