2017 Trendiest Headscarf Style




Introduction: 2017 Trendiest Headscarf Style

Are you bored of the way you wear your scarf? Do you want to learn how to wear your headscarf in the most fashionable way? I will guide you through some fun ways to change up your headscarf style! I will be working with a 25.6inch x 67inch Pashmina Scarf. I purchased it from Modanisa.

What you will need:

  • A cotton, polyester, or pashmina scarf
  • A hair band
  • A mirror
  • Some patience

The Turban Style: The turban style hijab is in fashion right now. It’s a modern twist to the headscarf, and will give your neck room to breath. The turban can upgrade your outfit, and help you cover your hair if you’re having a bad hair day. Your outfit will only look better with a turban style scarf, and you will feel very confident and secure if you follow these instructions!

First-timers will need around 15 minutes to complete this look. As you practice more, you'll complete the look in only 2 minutes!

Iron your scarf to your preference; you can also leave it unironed, as I did. It won’t make too much of a difference because the scarf will be wrapped around your bun multiple times.

Step 1: Turban Prep!

Put your hair up in a high bun and tie it tight with your hair band. Make sure your bun is at a comfortable spot on your head. The bun is the foundation for the turban.

Find the middle of the scarf’s length.

Step 2: Place the Scarf on Your Head

Place the middle of the scarf on your head. Centering the scarf will make the entire process go by smoothly.

Step 3: Slide Back!

Slide the scarf back until the edge is above your forehead.

Some prefer to have most of their forehead covered, while others like to have the scarf lay about a cm above their hairline. I prefer the scarf to lay just above my forehead (as in the image in Step 2), allowing a little bit of my hair to be visible.

Step 4: Take Hold of the Two Sides

Take hold of the two ends of the scarf; they should be on opposite sides of your head. The two sides should be behind your shoulders as shown in the image below.

Step 5: Tie the Knot!

Meet the two ends of the scarf at the back of your head and tie a simple knot under your hair bun. The knot should be tight enough for you to feel secure. Try moving your head around and moving your jaw to get it at the perfect tightness for you.

Step 6: Now Wrap!

  1. Wrap each side around the bun from bottom to top.
  2. Meet the two ends, now shorter, at the bottom of the bun.
  3. For the second time, wrap the ends around to the top of the bun. The two ends will now be at the top of the bun. Tie a small knot.

Step 7: Wrap and Fold In

Bring the two small strands back towards the bottom of the bun. Fold these strands into the jackets of the bun.

Step 8: How It Should Look!

After following all the steps, here's how the turban should look from the back. Don't give up if you didn't get it right the first time around. I promise you will get there!

Step 9: Take a Selfie!

If there's no selfie, did you really do it? Show off your new look on snapchat or instagram with a selfie!

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    This style would be especially good in winter. With the right materials it would be really warm.