Introduction: 2018 10th Gen Honda Civic USB Mod for Kenwood Head Unit

In this 'ible, I modified my Civic's USB port opening to accept the one I bought off Amazon so I can connect it to my aftermarket Kenwood head unit (DMX9706S). It is in the same hole and might take 30 minutes or more to complete.


This mod requires a minimum of tools. I used a box knife, a sanding sponge, a measuring device, and a set of plastic trim removal tools. All are available at local orange or blue hardware stores or automotive stores. Feel free to substitute other means to accomplish the task. Make sure your knife is sharp!

The dual USB hub adapter is from Amazon, but you can get whatever works for you.

Step 1: Remove the USB/cigarette Lighter Panel

Pry the USB panel out on the driver's side with a trim removal tool. Disconnect the cigarette lighter plug and the USB port. USB needs to be squeezed on top and bottom to be able to remove it. Easy if you do one side, hold pressure on it and then squeeze the other side.

Step 2: Modify the USB Panel

Once you have you USB panel out, use your measuring device to measure the inside of the hole and the outside of the USB adapter you purchased. Once you have your measurements, begin cutting small slivers off at a time, periodically checking for fit with the USB ports. Don't try to take too much off at a time or you might over shoot your target size.

Step 3: Modify the USB Port's Trim

Trim a little off the top and bottom until the USB adapter fits flush with the back part of the hole.

Step 4: Insert the USB Adapter Into the Panel

After sizing everything, just snap it in and check for snug fit.

Step 5: Install the USB Panel

Feed your two USB male ends up to the head unit and plug them in. Secure with a little electrical tape. Install the USB panel in the reverse of the removal process and enjoy your handy work.