Introduction: 2018 World Cup Yellow Card

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With the World Cup going on, I thought it would be fitting to make a Yellow Card featuring the logo. I have many penalty card moments looked in my memory over the years of following this sport. Sometimes, the yellow card helps my team, other times, it helps my team lose. Regardless, the Yellow Card is an iconic part of Soccer!

In this Instuctable, we are going to make a Commemorative 2018 WC Yellow Card. The skills are easy to learn, and they will help you make many awesome things in the future. We are going to see how easy it is to make a 3d logo using Splines and Sketches. Enjoy, and as always, feel free to ask questions and let me know how I could improve!

For this instuctable I tried to move it along at a faster pace, Please let me know if it is to fast, or not fast enough. I used my Ender to print this piece, its easier to build than some other kits, but it's still cheap and it gets the job done as expected.

Step 1: What We Need

  1. Fusion 360
  2. 3D printer
  3. About an hour
  4. (optional) Cheap Acrylic Paint - I slapped some paint on it super quick, as it is a gift for a child.

Step 2: Here We Go

  1. Make a sketch
  2. It doesn't actually matter which axis you put it on, but I used the ground.
  3. Penalty cards are 60mm x 120mm, so sketch a rectangle to fit the bill
  4. Get a picture of the logo from the web, bring it in as a canvas, position it in the center

Step 3: Splines Are Our Friends

We are going to "draw" the picture on our sketch. For most of it, we will use Splines. When placing splines don't over think it. Splines are super intuitive and this entire logo should take less than 20 minutes. Basically, just keep clicking on the outline of the canvas you are trying to sketch. Less splines are easier to work with. But when you are changing directions close together, you will need to place them closer to each other to get the desired result. Conversely, if you have a slow curve or area of less detail, you can spread them out. UNDO is you friend. Don't press ESC as it will often cancel what you were working on.

  1. Draw the "gold" part first, follow it all the way around to make a continuous spline.
  2. Repeat for each section
  3. use circles for the circles

Remember that it doesn't have to be perfect, Close is plenty good enough for something like this

Step 4: Extrude the Body of the Card

After you are done, It should look like a mess but otherwise be what you need.

  1. Extrude "down" from your sketch to get the card 3D

Step 5: Extude What We Sketched

  1. Click on the spline that forms the outline. Extrude it by 2mm
  2. Hold Shift to group extrusions, lets make the stars and planets pop, extrude them by .5
  3. Extrude the inner details by less than the outline, I choose 1mm

Step 6: Finishing Up

  1. Sketch some text '2018'
  2. It should look pretty awesome now, Great Job!
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