Introduction: 2020 Easter Gift

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In this age of Virus warnings and stocking up of essential supplies, I thought I would put forward this timely yet "tongue in cheek" Easter gift Instructable.

Step 1: Gathering of Materials Needed

one 4 pack of toilet paper,

two bottles of hand sanitizer,

two disposable gloves,

permanent marker "Sharpie"

Step 2: Assembly

Using the Sharpie, draw eyes, nose, whiskers and mouth on toilet paper package.

Insert one bottle of hand sanitizer in one of the disposable gloves, repeat with the other bottle and glove.

Place bottles/gloves on top of toilet paper package.

Step 3: Your Done

Save until Easter to give to your kids/ loved one, they should really appreciate it since by the then, all three parts should be a rare commodity.

Due to current shortages this may be difficult to make this year.