Introduction: 2.5 Watts Amplifier Lm380n Stable Wiring.

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The ic is very easy to oscillate but this wiring diagram can work stable with very low oscillate even when your hand near volume control. Low power ic amplifier tend to oscillate when test in bread board because of high bandwidth limit of low power ic amp (over 100 khz).

All you need to do:

Listen test sound from my video.

Build it and have fun.

Step 1: 2.5 Watts Lm 380n Full Wiring Diagram.

All you need for this 2.5 watts amplifier ic.

1 ic lm380 n

2 C1 2.2 uf/25 volts electrolytic capacitor (you can use better capacitor such as film type capacitor for nice sound)

3 C2 1000 pf or 0.001uf film type or ceramic capacitor 50 volts at least.

4 C3 4700 uf/25 volts electrolytic capacitor at least(for switching power supply like I use in this video, but you can use just 2200 uf if you use normal coil transformer.

5 C4 1000 uf/25 volts at least for good bass respond.

6 C5 47 to 100 uf/25 volts at least

7 10 kilo ohms potentiometer(5 kilo ohms is lower noise but I didn't have it :)

8 8 ohms 5 watts loud speaker(2 watts speaker I use in video can't withstand this amp power).

9 2 kilo ohms R1 for volume noise suppression.

You should ground potentiometer case to ground for lower noise. If power supply has so much noise you can use 0.01 uf low esr ceramic capacitor parallel from pin 8 V+) to ground, the more close to ic pin 8 the more better result.

Caution: C1,C3,C4,C5 is electrolytic capacitor, so you must check polarity especially C3 or you make small bomb and cause injury!!!!!

Don't believe internet scematic diagram that connect pin 6 (non inverting input) to ground if you make this amp as non-inverting type amp because your amp will not working, what a shame to some websites!!!!