Introduction: 2D-3D Quilled Flowers Tutorial

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This is a basic tutorial for beginners on how to create 2D & 3D flowers using same basic quilled shapes with a slight variation in technique.

Hope you like it.

Step 1: Materials Required

Yellow, Black,Green Colored A4 sheets. Use can use any color of your choice & pre cut Quilling strips

Ruler, Pencil, Knife, Glue, Self Healing Cutting Mat

EPE Foam board. I received this actually in a package to protect the materials inside due to shipping

Step 2: Making of Basic Tear Drop Quilling Shape

1: Roll the paper using slotted tool

2: Loosen the coil for the width of the petal required

3: Pull the centre coil to the left and gather the rest and press it to form a tear shape

4: Glue the free end. Your petal is ready.

Tip: I personally feel better to grow nails a bit. It actually helps while using Slotted tool to roll

Step 3: Flower 1: 2D Flowers

1: Pin the fringed black strips centre in the Foam board and glue the petals under the fringes

2: Pin all the petals closer to make it stick together

3: Remove the pins carefully once it is dry.

These sort of non elevated flowers can be used for card making. It's simple and elegant and can be safe if the cards are mailed.

Step 4: Petal Arrangement for Flowers 2 & 3

1: Glue petals in a circle

2: Pull the petals closer and pin it over the foam board. This way the centre space would be small

Step 5: Flower: 2 - Elevated Flower

1&2: Glue a tight coil in the centre of the petal arrangement.

3: Pin the centre of the tight coil in the foam board

4: Press the centre using your finger. The harder you press the more elevated the flower will look. After a minute leave it aside

This flower add a 3D effect.

Step 6: Flower: 3 - ​Flower With the Twig

This flower can be used in 3D arrangements for example you can place in vase and it will look like a real flower

1: Quill a tight coil in Green. Press in the centre of the tight coil to create a doam.

2: Insert the floral wire inside the tight coil and glue it

3: Use the petals created in Step 5 & apply glue in the behind of the flower

4: Press the elevated flower inside the doam. Once the petals and twig is dry cover the floral wire with floral tape.

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