Introduction: 2X4 Sawhorse Furniture (Bench W48"xD12"xH16")

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Welcome to my Sawhorse Furniture Instructable! I designed this DIY furniture series so that it didn't require any advanced carpentry skills and only a few tools. This build is easily scalable so it can be applied to a variety of furniture typologies. Check out the whole collection here at instructables and at don't forget to follow me.

Step 1: Gather Your Tools and Materials

For this build your are going to need the following items:

3) 2x4x96 Premium Whitewood Stud

1) Drill / Driver

1) Bit holder

1+) Bit (Construction screws typically come with either Torx or Robertson head bits which are best for driving long screws that will be receiving a bit of torque.) See what kind of bits your screws require and buy just a few more for your build.

1) Tape Measure

1) Marker / Pencil

1) 1lb box 3" construction screws. If you plan to build multiples you might consider a 5lb box, it is a better value.

2) Clamps (Throat opening >6.5")

Optional Tools: (I say optional because you can always have your lumber cut at the store if you do not own a saw.)

1) Compound miter saw or Circular saw.

Step 2: Measuring and Cutting Your Material

This build requires crosscuts only. If you don't have a saw, most home improvement stores / lumber yards will provide this service for free or just few cents per cut. I got mine cut at the store, makes for ease of transporting via bicycle, also.

For a 48" wide bench the cuts are:

4) 48"

1) 45"

2) 12"

4) 15"

Step 3: Making the Spacers

You can make any one of the furniture pieces without the spacers, but with them it makes the build super easy. As you can see in the picture the spacer is composed of an L shaped assembly.


1) Cut two pieces of 2x4 at lengths > 6.5", assemble L.

2) Attach one piece approximately 5" long perpendicular to the L, make sure to center this piece, ensure equal distance on each side.

3) Attach piece 1.5" long to assembly, recommended that you counter sink the screws. You will need to use smaller screws to avoid splitting the wood.

Step 4: Constructing I-beam

Place the 45" and the two 48" on the spacers and clamp.

Step 5: Constructing the I-beam (Clamping the Material With Spacers)

I recommend pre-drilling the holes for your screws if you do not have a powerful drill. The construction screws are self-tapping but they still will put quite a load on the drill.

Step 6: Attaching the Legs

Align the top of leg with the inside edge of the 2x4, (Tip: stack a few of the extra pieces of wood to help hold the leg at the right angle) I would recommend doubling up on the lower screws to account for additional weight the additional loads. Drive the screw closest to the top first, then proceed to drive the lower. I recommend setting the legs in a bit from the edge like shown in the cover photo mine are about a 6" inset, but this is totally up to you, its just aesthetics. Though do use caution and do not place them to far in, you do not want to cantilever out too far and create a one person see-saw.

Step 7: Constructing Seat Surface

Place the 12" piece of wood (Stringer) in the opening at the end of I-beam, fasten with screws and repeat.

Attach the two additional 48" long pieces of wood to the stringers.

Step 8: Coming Soon......(Sawhorse Furniture Platform Bed)