Introduction: 2gen Ipod Touch Jailbreak

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Step 1: Download Software

  • For 2.2 download this and save it.
  • Or if you have the 3.0 firmware download this
  • if you have 3.1.1 or above you will need to downgrade or use
Always check the dev team for jailbreaking new versions of firmware!!

to find you're firmware go to settings, general, about, and it's under version

if you download the latest firmware while jailbroken you will have your ipod returned to normal

Step 2: Extract It

Right click on the zipped file and select extract all. The file will then look normal.

Step 3: Open Redsn0w

Open the first file then open the redsn0w file. Then run redsn0w to see if it is working.

For the 3.0 version you need to enter the ISPW. Just enter that and select the 3.0 firmware.

Step 4: Loading

You will now need to put your ipod in DFU mode. To do this, follow the picture below starting with the ipod on. Then run redsn0w and it will say stuff like killing itunes and stuff (not bad). On your ipod you will see a hard drive and a jogging pineapple.

---note it is not recommend to have iTunes running

Step 5: Updates

Once it is done, open Cydia with a WiFi connection and choose user, then download essential upgrades.

Step 6: My Favorites

Installous - free app store apps
-in cydia go to manage, edit, add source
-touch the source and install installous

MakeItMine - edit carrier
Five icon dock - ables five icons in the dock
Five column springboard - ables five columns on the springboard
SBsettings - menu at top abling general functions
Winterboard - theme menu
MXTube - download youtube videos
Catagories- organizes icons
PwnCenter- enables you to download All Sources
All Sources- links you to more apps to get
Font swap- change fonts of ipod

Winterboard themes
-My other car is also a porche
-A New Metaphor
-Dr. Pepper lock screen
-Mobile me
-Windows 7
-Coke slider

SBsettings themes
-My other car is also a porche
-Mac Theme

Heres how to get ROMS (old video games)