Introduction: 2n3055 Flyback Drivers

I want to make the best instructable about the 2n2055 flyback driver.

Step 1: The One With 1 Transistor

The transistors must mach with the driver
the transistor that works well are :
BU808DFI is a Darlington pair and it is to powerful for this driver

The resistors could be one 22ohms and the other 270 ohm (my point is that they shouldn't be so exact)

Step 2: Results

at 24v, 3amps with BU208
at 12v it is not so good

Step 3: The One With 2 Transistors

I put it on 8 amps at 12 volts and just a little spark appeared so the results are good only if you have a high amperage source. It works with the same transistors above.