Introduction: 2x4 Plant/Scrub Trellis

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A simple to make plant/scrub trellis out of an old 2 x 4 piece of wood. The trellis can be as long as one desires.

Step 1: Cut the Stake Portion of the Trellis

1. Cut about an inch on both sides of the 2 x4 the length you desire. Save these pieces for later use.

2. Cut at an angle the tip of the 2x4 to make a point for the stake portion of the trellis.

Step 2: Rip the Trellis Strips and Cut and Place the Dividers Pieces

1. Rip the trellis strips about a 1/4" thick. Cut each strip starting at the opposite side of the 2x4 from the stake.

2. Use one of the pieces of wood left from cutting the stake section about 3/4" square and about an inch long.

3. Place the divider stripes between each trellis strip.

4. Run the dividers down the strips to get the desires spread on the trellis. Note: Tape the lower section of the trellis above the stake section. One or two places will do. This is in case the outer strips start to crack when moving the dividers on the trellis strips. Do not worry if you crack a strip or two. The tape will hold the project together for the placement of the cross sections.

Step 3: Cut and Install the Cross Section

1. Cut thin sections about 1/8" thick from the wood that was cut to make the stake.

2. Nail the cross sections on to the trellis strips. Three or four different lengths will do with the smallest near the bottom and the longest cross section on the top of the trellis.

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