Introduction: 2x4 Shoe Rack

Learn to make a useful boot/shoe rack out of only two 2x4x8.


Two 2x4x8 wood pieces

Drill w/ 2in screws

Nail gun w/ nails

Step 1: Cutting Triangular Legs

1: Cut a 2x4 into 16in intervals, 2 times.

2:Flip both pieces on their side and cut them down the middle with a band saw. 4(1x4x16in)

3: Now that you have 4 pieces, cut the ends at a 45 degree angle to make them into a trapezoid.

4: Sand down edges

Step 2: Cutting Main Beam

1:Cut a 2x4 into a 41in beam

2:Sand down all edges

Step 3: Cutting Vertical Pegs

1: Cut a 2x4 into 16in intervals again, but 4 times.

2: Flip wood vertically and cut down the horizontal middle. 8(2x2x16in)

3: Sand down the top

Step 4: Connecting Legs to Main Beam

1: flip the main beam upside down. (drill into the ugliest side)

2: Place legs on top to make a triangular shape without a bottom. (prop-up opposite end of trapezoids with unused pegs)

3: Drill top ends of trapezoid into the main beam. (don't forget to pre-drill and 2in screws)

4: Repeat on other side of main beam

5: Flip back up-right

Step 5: Attaching Vertical Pegs to Main Beam

1: Mark out each peg on alternating sides, 4-4.25in apart, top and bottom (remember: each peg is 2in wide)

2: Place each peg vertically on top of the beam

3: With the beam in the upright position, nail in a few nails (used a electric nail gun) on each side of the peg to hold the peg in place while you flip the shoe rack over, pre-drill where the peg is going through the other side. then use a screw long enough to reach the peg through the main beam.

4: Repeat 8 times

Step 6: Intervals of Pegs

Starting with a corner of the main beam, get a long screw that is long enough to go through the feet, main beam and then into the two outer pegs. use a measuring tape and go 4-4.25 inches away and start the next peg on the opposite side of the previous peg.

Step 7: Enjoy Your New Shoe Rack