Introduction: 2x4 Table by Andy Rishi and Ben

For this project, we will be building a table out of only two 2x4x8 boards, as well as using stain, screws, and wood putty for assembly and design.

The needed supplies include:

  • Two 2x4x8 boards
  • Wood putty
  • Three colors of Stain
  • Screws
  • Drill
  • Power Sander

Step 1: Cutting the Boards

To start this project, we had two 2x4x8 boards. The first board we cut into two 18 inch boards, two 21 inch boards, one 10.5 inch board, and one 6 inch board, with 1.5 inches left on the board. The second board we cut into one 10.5 inch board, two 23 inch boards, three 6 inch boards, with some remaining.

Step 2: Assembling the Table Top

To assemble the frame of the top, we screwed the 21 inch boards and the 10.5 inch boards together, with the 10.5 inch boards on the inside. To make the middle of the table top we cut the two 18 inch boards in half across the length, making the depth of the boards .75 inches. We glued three of these halves together to make a single platform.This platform was then glued into the frame, .375 inches from the top, leaving room for the herringbone pattern later. After everything in the frame is assembled, we used wood putty to clean up the seams between the boards, and we stained the frame, but not the middle of the table top as that will go under the herringbone pattern later.

Step 3: Making the Legs

After assembling the table top, we need to make the legs. The main stem that runs from the ground to the table top uses the two 23 inch cuts. One of the 23 inch boards will be cut in half length wise, from 1.5 inches to .75 inches. One of these halves will be attached to the other 23 inch board using wood glue. At the bottom of this main stem, there will be four 6 inch boards branching out, one in each direction, in order to keep the table stable. Finally, we added wood putty to clean up the seams between the wood, and stained the legs to give them a darker look.

Step 4: Adding the Herringbone to the Top

The top of the table will have a herringbone design in order to make the design look good. The herringbone pattern will be made out of boards a quarter of the width of a full 2x4. First, we took one of the boards we had left over and cut it into fourths. We used the sketch provided to dimension the boards that we needed to cut, and cut out each individual piece. We had the pattern completed and aligned it with the initial table top of three 18 inch boards glued together. We then stained the pattern with three different colored stains, finishing the pattern. Finally, all of the cuts are glued to the board.

Step 5: Assembling the Table

Assembly of the table is very simple. First, we take a 10.5 inch board, and glue it under the width of the table top. This is to make the table stronger, making sure it doesn't fall apart when weight is added to it. After the piece is glued on, we will glue the top of the leg directly to the center of the table top, and let that dry. After that is dry, then the table, for the most part is done. Lastly, we used leftover wood to add supports in the corners under the tabletop to make it less wobbly.