Introduction: 2x4 Wall Art

This is a easy to make art piece that can be hung on almost any wall. I wanted this project to be made completely out of my scrap wood so I grabbed some of the 2x4 pieces that I had lying around. This entire piece is made completely out of 2x4s with the exception of the plywood backboard. I don't include dimensions because when you are making this any dimensions will work and the point is that this can be made out of whatever scrap 2x4s you have lying around. Although this project uses scrap wood you could easily run to your local hardware store and buy a 2x4 and some plywood to make this project.

Step 1: Gather Materials

This project is meant to be made with scrap 2x4s so it really doesn't matter to much what sizes of wood you have.


Scrap 2x4

1/4in Plywood

Wood Screws(Any brand works)

Wood Glue(Any brand works)



Miter Saw (You could make much quicker work with a table saw)

Step 2: Make the Frame

1. Use the miter saw to cut 45 degree angles on each side which will give you a nice miter joint on your frame.

2. Make the center pieces which are just 3 pieces of wood cut to the same length.

3. Use a piece of 3/4" plywood to prop up the 2x4s in the middle which will make your top 2x4s stick out and give the piece of art a 3 dimensional aspect.

4. Use wood screws to screw everything together. This is much easier if you use a corner clamp.

Step 3: Add the Back

Cut down your 1/4" plywood so that it fits snugly in the middle. Each piece should be cut to half the length of the inside frame and secured on each corner with finishing nails.

Step 4: Cut and Layout Triangles

For this step you have to cut out your triangles that will be glued on to the 1/4in back board. The triangles are very simple you make a miter cut at 45 degrees down to the very edge of your 2x4 and then you make a straight cut and you will have a triangle. I recommend using multiple boards at once so that you don't have to keep flipping the saw blade back and forth. The amount of triangles you need may vary on the size of the art piece you are making so as you are cutting I would start laying them out on your back board so that you know how many you need to cut. There will also be some triangles that you will need to cut on the ends to special sizes. To do this you can just mark the amount you need to cut the triangle and make a straight cut on your miter saw.

Laying out the triangles are important and you will have to layout each row as you are cutting. I recommend staggering your triangles so that you get a much nicer look and this will also hide some of the slight imperfections. Some of your triangles may be slightly different widths at the bottom, but this can be fixed by matching them as best as possible to another triangle and then you do this for each row.

Step 5: Glue the 2x4 Triangles

For this step you want to liberally apply wood glue to the back board and start laying down the 2x4s one row at a time. I used Titebond but it does not matter what type of wood glue you use. After putting down each piece apply pressure to the 2x4 for roughly 5 seconds. I ended up not clamping the pieces down and it turned out just fine, but if you want extra strength I would clamp 2x4 triangles down. Another thing to note is that if you slightly overlap the rows while glueing the piece as a whole will look much nicer. Once everything is glued together let dry for a day or whatever time is specified on your wood glue.

Step 6: Find a Nice Place to Hang

I hung my piece on a wall with a light paint color, but really this could be put anywhere and looks good with a variety of backgrounds.

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