Introduction: $3 Air Filter for Scooter

Hi guys! Another thing about scooters today. Today we will replace scooter 'lungs' - air filter.

Air filter is very important thing in your scooter. If it will be too old carburetor will start sucking air with dust in it. Sooner or later it will cause engine failure coz dust will go direct into the cylinder. It is also can block carburetor.

So today we will change our old filter. Lets do this

Step 1: Buying, Cutting, Fitting

For the new filter we will need a foam sheet. I bought one for $2.99 in our local (New Zealand:) shop which sells lots of plastic stuff. Plastic World or something. Size is 30x30mm, thickness is 25mm.

Important thing. Do not use foam with PPI (pores per inch) less than 60. Perfect foam for filters should have PPI from 60 to 80. Foam with PPI less than 60 will let small pieces of dirt go through into carburetor. If PPI is more than 80 it wont let air go through the filter fast enough so it will be a bit hard to start the engine.

Cut the foam to the shape you need.

Step 2: Oil It

Its very important to oil your filter. Dry filter wont make any difference.

You can use almost any kind of engine oil: 4 stroke, 2 stroke, etc. Just not cooking oils ;) Or buy foam filter oil.

I use used motor oil which i drained from my car few days before that. It wasnt too old (car only done like 10k) but i still would recommend you to use fresh oil.

Pour oil on your filter and spread it with paint brush. Make sure that oil is not dripping from the filter. Squeeze it couple of times and install to the scooter filter.

Job done :)

Good luck!