Introduction: 3 Amazing Daily Life HACKS DIY

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Hello friends

Today i will share something like which you going through day today life and you never know before how to hack them to make your life easy.

Here i am showing 3 hacks to make your life easy

1) Making pin for 9V DC from dead battery.

2) How to generate electricity to charge your mobile.

3) How to charge your mobile when there no charging point are available or occupied.

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Step 1: Video of All 3 Hacks

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Step 2: Making Pin for 9V DC From Dead Battery

So you have a 9V dc battery but you don't have its pin

it is very much difficult to use this type of battery without pin so lets make our own pin

using old dead 9V DC battery

Now bring dead battery from scrap open it remove it pin portion

now solder wire in back side of that pin

now its ready use this pin press it on your battery and connect wire where you want to

give power.

Material required

  1. Two 9v battery one dead & one is healthy
  2. cutter
  3. some wire
  4. soldering iron

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Step 3: How to Generate Electricity to Charge Your Mobile.

So you have a discharge mobile electricity is not there to charge what to do now ?

I have a solution !!

Bring or cut micro USB pin this cable have 4 wires inside

keep RED & BLACK one and cut all others

now connect this two wire with pin of DC motor (gear motor for higher RPM)

now connect a wheel on shaft of the motor to rotate shaft

now rotate wheel slowly slowly by doing this DC motor will

move very fact due to gear in between and generating DC Volt at its terminals

so your mobile start charging

Material required

  1. Micro USB pin
  2. Small DC gear motor
  3. Wheel to rotate DC motor
  4. Some wires
  5. Double side tape

please watch video of this instructables

Step 4: How to Charge Your Mobile When There No Charging Point Are Available or Occupied

So you have a discharge mobile but no charging point are available what to do now ?

I have a solution !!

Simple plug your charger into the lamp holder your mobile will start charging.

Material required

  1. A mobile charger
  2. A lamp holder

please watch video of this instructables

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