Introduction: 3 Bears Duct Tape Camping Cups

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There's only one way to improve any design or doohickey... and that's with Duct Tape!

Those nifty origami-type paper cups are cool, but they weren't designed to last as a long term drinking vessel and they weren't reusable... until now.

These Duct Tape cups fold up flat so you can tuck them into your pocket or stash one in your tackle box for future use.

I've been to a Rendezvous or 2 and seen a single whiskey flask make the rounds. If I'd have had one of these in my pocket, I would've gladly poured myself a swig instead of passing!

And what about those drinking fountains with so little water pressure that you're practically kissing the spout? ewwww! ;-O)

I made 3 different sizes:

The Papa Bear Cup was made from a 10" square of paper and holds 1 Cup.  

The Mama Bear was made from and 8 1/2" square of paper and hold just under 1/2 cup. 

The Baby Bear  was made from a 6" square of paper and holds 1/4 cup

Step 1: What You'll Need and Simple Assembly:

Paper- 10" square- Thin paper works the best. I used brown wrapping paper for the Papa Bear. 
Duct Tape

This dimensions in this step are for the Papa Bear Cup. If you're making a different size, adjust the tape lengths accordingly.

Peel off two strips of Duct tape measuring approx 12" each. These piece are to seals the ends of the paper. 

Next, peel off  7 strips of Duct tape measuring 21-22" each.

Starting at one end, apply the duct tape  (half of the width), to the paper.

Turn the paper over, then fold the duct tape over on that side.

Use scissors to snip off the excess duct tape on the ends.

One strip at a time, you are going to seal the paper, overlapping the previous strip of duct tape by approx. 1/2". Press out any air pockets as you proceed with each strip.

Continue applying the strips of duct tape until the paper is totally covered.  Press the edges of the duct tape firmly so you won't have any leaks.

When you reach the last strip, cover and seal the paper with the short strip, wrapped around the outer edge... just like the very first strip of duct tape.

The paper is now totally sealed and water-proof. 

Step 2: Folding Technique and Finishing.

The Duct taped paper is ready to be folded. Link below.

Special thanks and recognition to Instructable's very own "znosredna" for providing such a clear, concise and easy-to-follow instructable!

Pictured below is the folded cup/cups and the finished cups after the outside seams were sealed in Duct Tape.

These are going to last a very long time!

Thanks for stopping by!

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