3 Cheap Easy Hair Hacks!




Introduction: 3 Cheap Easy Hair Hacks!

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Okay everyone! I am so excited to share my very favorite go-to hacks for my hair!

These three amazing tricks give me salon looks at home with little or NO cost !

Let's get started!

Step 1: Soda Can Rollers!

You will not believe the incredible volume you will get with this low cost,up-cycle hair hack!

I found this trick by accident, when I went as white trash to a party one year. I used coke cans as a funny part of my costume, but then when I took them out at the end of night I was IN LOVE with my voluminous locks!

Step 2: Wash and Dry Cans

I'm using the 7.5 ounce cans, but the 12 ounce ones are great too! Be sure to wash and fully dry your cans first.

If there is any water left, it could wet your hair, and mess with your curl, so be sure to dry them fully!

Step 3: Tools

You'll need to following:

  • Hair dryer
  • Bobby or hair pins
  • Comb
  • Spritz bottle with water
  • Soda cans( your choice of size and how many) I used 7 size 7.5

Step 4: Comb and Spritz

Comb out your fully dry hair, and lightly spritz it with water. If you use too much water, the curl won't set, so just a fine misting.

Step 5: Piece and Roll

Separate out a front chunk of hair, and roll the hair under, all the way down to the scalp.

Step 6: Secure Hair

Secure each can-roller with two pins. Pin the hair behind each curl, tightly beneath the can.

Step 7: Repeat!

Do at least three cans on top of the head, for full volume, then move on to the side hair. I did two cans on each side. 7 total.

Step 8: Blow Dry and Wait

Once hair is fully rolled, Blow dry on high for about 10 minutes. Then you can either take them out immediately, for a subtle lift, or keep them in for at least an hour for more volume. I left mine for an hour this time. The longer you leave them in, the stronger the curl!

Carefully remove pins and unroll hair. Shake out your hair, and prepare to be amazed at your volume!

Pump it up baby! DIY style!

Step 9: De-frizz With Dryer Sheets!

If you are anything like me, your hair has terribly frizzy days! I have damaged, naturally wavy hair, so some days I need a little help making my locks silky smooth.

You are going to LOVE this cheap, amazing hair hack! I get soooooo many compliments every time I do this. Let's get started!

Step 10: Make Your Magic Comb

Simply push a comb's bristles through a dryer sheet. That's it.....seriously.

Step 11: Use Your Magic Comb!

Start at the top of your head, and work your way down through your hair.

That is it! The results are awesome! For someone with natural wave in my hair, I'm amazed that this is my result with NO HEAT OR PRODUCTS!

Brazilian blow out? No thanks, I have my dollar store dryer sheets!

Step 12: High Hair Without the Ratting!

Okay, we've all tried once or twice to get that super high ratted look right? Whether for a costume, or a special occasion up-do, we've all been there. But ratting is not only hard to do, it is SOOOO bad your your hair! So why not get the look, without the damage? All you need is an old sock! .....Stay with me, seriously it works!

Step 13: Pick Your Color!

Be sure to choose a color close to your own hair color, so that if it peeks through a bit, it won't matter.

Step 14: Make Your Bump!

Simply roll your sock down into a little donut, then tuck the end under. You don't need to cut anything! Turn it on it's side, and you are done!

Step 15: Add Bump!

Separate out a large frontal chunk of your hair, and keep it aside with a twisty or clip. Then Pin your sock to your head with several bobby pins. Socks are porous, so they pin quite easily. They are also soft, and full so they make a great alternative to products that are hard, thin and painful to wear.

Step 16: Pin Your Hair

Pull your front piece of hair back over your bump, and secure it with bobby pins.

Be sure to spread it evenly across the front of your bump.

Step 17: Enjoy the "High" Life

Enjoy your super easy, supper comfy, essentially FREE high hair style!

Thank you so much for reading! if you like this instructible, PLEASE vote for me in the Hair Challenge!

All my love

-That Red head

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    4 years ago

    LOVE THIS!!!


    5 years ago

    Congrats on winning First Prize!!


    5 years ago

    I love the work! Nice use of resources!


    5 years ago

    I can't wait to try the sock bump. I have plastic bumps with big teeth and you are right...they hurt! I just have to steal one of my son's dark socks. Shhhhhhh

    That Redhead
    That Redhead

    Reply 5 years ago

    Right? ?? I hate those things! Yay, so glad you're going to try it!


    5 years ago

    Great ideas! I've never heard of the anti-static comb before.
    My daughter uses a sock trick to put her daughter's hair up in a bun.
    Way back when I was in college (you know, back when dirt was new) I did something similar to the soda can plumping. My hair is very fine and a little on the thin side. It WAS fairly long - ending about half way down my back. I did my plumping while I slept.
    If my hair was freshly shampooed, I'd wait till it was almost dry (or if it WAS already dry I'd spritz it with water - just a bit), then I'd make a ponytail on the top of my head, I'd divide my hair into 4 sections then, starting at the very end, I'd roll each of the 4 sections on the largest soft plastic roller I could find and pin them securely on the 4 sides of the ponytail. (Sort of an East, West, North, South thing.)
    The next morning, after a good night's rest - because the rollers were soft and on top of my head out of the way - I'd gently take the rollers and whatever I'd used to make the ponytail out and either finger comb my hair or use a comb with widely spaced teeth. Then I'd head off to class with twice as much hair as I did when I went to bed.
    One other style I really liked but rarely used because it was so time-consuming involved sectioning off quarter-sized clumps of hair and one at a time braiding each from scalp to tip. I don't remember ever counting them but I'm guessing there could have been 100-150 or more!
    The next morning, after another extra-long session of carefully unbraiding all of my hair and extra-gently finger combing it, I'd have 5 times as much hair as I did the night before, all of it in little, wavy strands.
    All of the styles/methods above, except for the dryer sheet comb, require fairly long hair.
    The 'compass curlers' can probably be done with dry hair and in minutes instead of overnight by using your favorite curling product, but go easy! Too much product can weigh your hair down, defeating the plumping purpose.
    Product on dry hair should work with the braids too, but there's no way to do all those braids in a short time. Larger braids would help but the larger the braids, the smaller the effect!

    That Redhead
    That Redhead

    Reply 5 years ago

    Great ideas! Thanks!