Introduction: 3-D Monuments on Tinkercad

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As a user of Tinkercad since 2016, I thought that why can't I start teaching my friends about 3d making. I started off with 6 of my friends who knew the basics of Tinkercad but didn't know how to make complex figures and monuments. Now I'm teaching around 20 children. After I heard about the Distance learning Contest I gave them tasks. This one includes the monuments. The students worked excellently and 4 of them have given me fantastic work. They have made the Taj Mahal, Parthenon, Eiffel Tower, and the Colosseum. The Eiffel Tower and Colosseum are very complicated and have been made in almost a week. Here we go!

Student 1 Taj Mahal

The kid took 3 days to analyze the Taj Mahal and made the figure on Tinkercad in two days.

Student 2 Parthenon

The second student took the greek legend Parthenon. Though this one is very easy to make, this looks brilliant.

Student 3 Colosseum

The third student made the Colosseum. She made the Colosseum very intricately and made the unbroken Colosseum. This took her 3 days of research and 9 days of work.

Student 4 Eiffel Tower

This student made the romantic monument Eiffel Tower. She did some mistakes at the top but I corrected it and now it looks wow. She took a day for research and 3 days of work on Tinkercad.
I hope you like the work of my students. Don't forget to follow me and give a heart. And even tell me if you want a specific project on Tinkercad down in the comments. And please vote me in the Distance learning Contest. Thank you!