Introduction: 3 D Paint Mask

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This is a mask I made by just using a 3D paint. It turns out very flexible so it wont break when it gets bended and will mould around your face. The paint is very cheap and comes in a variety of different colors.

Step 1: 3D Paint Mask

The material used are:

3 D Metallic Paint ( bought from spotlight or any craft shops ) think it was around $ 8.00 a tube

Printout of mask you wish to make

Baking Paper

Sticky tape



White netting

Jewels for decorating


1. Sticky tape down to cardboard, the print out of the mask. On top of the print tape down a sheet of baking paper, this will stop the paint from sticking to the printed paper, baking paper will stick but will come off easier when soaking the finished mask in warm water.

2. Tape down the netting over the top of the print. Make sure it is firmly taped down so it doesn't move whilst tracing over it with the paint, but not to tight that when you take the tape off that it bounces back, cause you wont have the right size mask.

3. Trace over the lines for the mask with the 3D paint.. ** CAUTION ** Do a test on a scrap piece of paper first before you attempt any new line ! The paint has a habit of clogging after each use, don't squeeze the bottle too hard as you will end up with uneven lines like mine !

4. Once you have finished the tracing, I put my jewels on with a pair of tweezers. You can probably see in some parts that the jewels are in deeper than others. If the paint is still slightly wet you can pop the jewels on so they set in. Saves using glue.

5. Once the paint is dry, ( I left it overnight ), you can take it off the cardboard and cut around the mask. The baking paper will still be stuck to it, but soak in a sink of warm water to soak off the paper. Add ribbon or whatever you choose to make the strings to hold mask onto your face .

6. Happy masking :)