Introduction: 3-D Pen Drawn Drone Platform

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Hey Instructables!

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Recently, I purchased a parrot mini-drone (I recommend).

Seeing its quadratic structure, I pondered whether or not I could create a platform so I could transport light objects from on area to another. In this tutorial, I'll give you the step by step in how I did such.

Step 1: Gather Your Materials

Materials Needed:

1 Drone (preferably a mini)

3D Printing pen

Plastic Fillings for pen (color doesn't matter)

Sketch paper

Black Marker


How to use a 3-D Printing Pen:

Let the pen heat up, following the instructions of how to load it from the box.

To draw accurately, I suggest using the fast setting but draw slowly; which allows a thick line for a better structure.

Step 2: Take Measurements

Using your ruler, take measurements of your drone

Measure it directly across the body diagonally and horizontally, whilst also locating the center.

Step 3: Body

Using your measurements, draw out the body

For my drone, I made each leg 7 inches long, so it would be in the middle, between the diagonal and horizontal measurements. In height, each propeller is 1 inch. For the center circle, I placed the center of the circle on the halfway point and drew a .5 diameter circle to represent the center

Step 4: Create the Stands

After creating the body, I drew out a 1 inch in height and base triangle. Drawing them in pairs, I then connected them by the longest side.

Each stand was placed 1.5 inches away from the bodies end-points. To provide more support, I connected the side intermittently with plastic to provide structure.

Step 5: Connectors

Drawing .5 inch lines, I then printed them out. These lines were then connected to the top of the stands at the .25 point

Step 6: Connecting to the Drone

Using the .5 lines strips, hook the tips into the ends of the drone. This allows the platform to hand from the drone as it flies.

The plastic is light-weight enough so that it doesn't drag down the drone