Introduction: 3-D Printed Drawer Organizer

This 3-D printed drawer organizer can be very easily made if you have any access to any CAD software and a 3-D printer. The process could also be taken with different materials or processes, just with different measurements, such as wood, sheet metal, or DIY scrap. Anyway you decide to make it, as long as you follow the basic concept, it should work out.

Step 1: Design the Center Connector

The center pieces are all circles with 1/2 inch diameters with 1/8 in deep and wide cuts into each side. These pieces can be made as high as your drawer can contain them. The cuts in the side hold the walls later on, and should fit snug together. These pieces can be spread as far apart as needed, but are meant for the mid section of the drawer.

Step 2: Design the Side Connectors

The side connectors are the same dimensions as the middle connectors, just cut in half with only one cut into it. These pieces are meant to go along the walls of the drawer to stabilize the walls. These prevent the other pieces from sliding around in the drawer.

Step 3: Buy/Print Walls

The walls can be fully customizable in terms of length and height to fit your drawers dimension, the only real requirement is that it be the same width as your cuts into the connectors. In my design, they are 4 x 4 inches and 1/8 inch think. You can also buy some plastic squares or just cut out whatever material choose, as long as it fits your specified thickness.

Step 4: Insert Walls Into Connectors

The walls should all fit snug into the connectors, allowing for many combinations in your drawers. Place them in any order or shape you want and you have sectioned off squares in your drawer.

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