Introduction: 3-D Printed Mock AN-M14 Incendiary Hand Grenade

Inspired by the M84 stun grenade project by loganwynia.exe, I play a lot of CS:GO and when I saw a project inspired by it I decided I wanted to do something like it. So I decided to make a mock AN-M14 incendiary grenade that is see in games like Counter-Strike: Global Offensive and Insurgency: Sandstrom and is also use by the United States military.


The things I used when making this project were a 3D printer, filament, super glue, red and military green spray paint, key ring, and a cotter pin.

Step 1: Step 1: Print

The files below should be easy to print. non of the three parts should not need supports due to them being very simple. I printed the grenade head on its side so the printer would have an easier time with the hole for the pin.

Step 2: Step 2: Painting and Gluing

I glued the body, head, and spoon together before I painted it but you could do it ether way.

The real AN-M14 Incendiary grenade has a red body with a Olive drab/Military green head and spoon.

If you really wanted too you could even paint it to look more like a smoke grenade instead.

As for the letters and numbers on the side you could paint them on (if you are really good with paint) or you can just make labels with a labeler and put them on like I did.

Before the paint dries make shore that the pin hole is clear so you can put the pin in.

After or before you paint it you'll need to glue the spoon to the head and the head to the body. I had to sand on the head a little bit in order to get the spoon to fit right.

Step 3: Step 3: Files, and My Reflection

These are the files, if there are any issues with the files let me know.

The only issue I ran across was the thee spoon had some issues fitting in the head but I think I fixed that, but if you find an issue you can tell me.