Introduction: 3-D Printer Instructions

Go to the website and find a project you want to do.

Once you find the project click on the 'download all files' button. Open download in the folder and click extract.

Open up the MakerBot program for the 3-D printer Click on new build template Click on add new model, then add the file you downloaded. You should be able to see your project on the build plate To change measurements click on scale to model

To change color you press the button 'unload filament' on the 3-D printer. Open up the chamber and take out the filament cartridge. Place the new filament cartridge color you want, and press the 'load filament' on the 3-D printer. Push the button and push down the holder for the filament to close the chamber. Then put the cover back on the 3-D printer.

When you are done press the print button on the program to start printing out the project. When the project is done printing, slide off the tray and pop off the project and slide the tray back on. You are now done with your project on the 3-D printer.

If the filament is jammed unload the filament, untangle the filament, then reload it back in the chamber.

Step 1: Getting the Design/project

Step 2: