3 DIY Organisation Life Hacks Made From Chocolate Boxes (VIDEO)

Introduction: 3 DIY Organisation Life Hacks Made From Chocolate Boxes (VIDEO)

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Happy 2016 Everyone! If you're like me then one of your new year's resolutions is work off the chocolate you ate over Christmas... But what if you could put those empty chocolate boxes to use too? And end up with a more tidy house (with extra storage)?

That's hopefully what today's tutorial will teach you! Learn how to make a:

  • A DIY Desk Organiser
  • A DIY Jewellery Box
  • A DIY Vanity Stand

All from chocolate boxes!

Not only is this THE best excuse to eat more chocolate but it's chance to organised in 2016. I hope the video tutorial gives you clear guidance as to how to craft these items! In the next steps learn about the materials needed and the things I would do if I were to remake these items...

DIY Jewellery Box: 1:05

DIY Desk Organiser: 1:35

DIY Vanity Stand: 2:15

Step 1: DIY Jewellery Box

For this DIY Jewellery Box, you will need:

  • An empty chocolate box including the chocolate tray
  • Some jewellery

This project is as simple as it looks:

  1. Eat the chocolate
  2. Clean the box: tilt the tray upside down and wipe away any chocolate residue with a damp cloth
  3. Fill the box with your jewellery.

Fom a functional perspective it's useful to have a small item, such a matchbox, underneath the box to tilt it forwards. The slight tilt makes it easier to pick up jewellery and it also makes it more of a display than a tray.

Step 2: DIY Desk Organiser

Productivity is a constant quest, and in my opinion there is no better aid than a tidy desk with the required resources within arm reach: queue DIY Desk Organiser. (It's all the storage of a desk drawer without the mess!)

For this DIY you need:

  • An empty chocolate box (including the chocolate tray and the tray divider)

To make the Desk Organiser:

  1. Lay the lid of the box and its base side by side like two trays.
  2. Paint or decorate the outside surface of both trays (acrylic paint, decorate paper and fabric will work well)
  3. Stick the two trays together with tape or hot glue.
  4. If you want to create two layers within the desk organiser:
    • Place your chocolate tray inside one of the two halves of the desk organiser, along with a tray divider to create a level surface.
  5. Now just fill the desk organiser with your stationery needs!

If I was to make this project again, I'd almost certainly paint the boxes (a mint green) just to add a more professional touch.

Step 3: DIY Vanity Stand

This has got to be my favourite DIY of them all.

I don't need to be any more vain, but a vanity stand is a rite of passage. It marks the transition from girlish dress up games to attaining one's distinct womanly style.

I'll admit my make up collection too small to require a stand, but simply having a vanity means that every little item has its place, and looks pretty at the time!

For this you will need:

  • a large chocolate tin or tub (or alternatively a large biscuit tin/tub)
  • some paint (paint samples are fabulous)
  • a hot glue gun
  • a cup (I used a plastic drinks cup, but a champagne glass would look even better #thrifted)
  • your make up/perfumes/trinkets

How to: I give a pretty detailed overview in the video - from 2:15

  1. Separate the tub lid and base
  2. Paint both to your desire
  3. Invert your base
  4. Hot glue your cup in between your base and lid
  5. Add any extra decor using hot glue
  6. Begin using your stand!


If you're using acrylic paint, paint in thin layers to avoid cracking.

Step 4: So Start Eating That Chocolate!

What I love about these DIYs is that my room is now considerably tidier, prettier and I haven't used an inch of wardrobe space!

For me, upcycling is an opportunity to take some people's leftovers and turn into your own treasure. (And I LOVE my new treasures!)

Now I have three items of furniture that I've wanted for a long time, and they've cost me practically nothing except the time to make them.

What other DIYs do you think you could make from chocolate/food boxes?

Let me know in the comments! (And post pictures if you make these too!)

If you liked this Instructable please check out my other Instructables and my YouTube Channel!

Until next time, stay blessed!

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