Introduction: 3 Doors Opel Corsa Adaptation

This adaptation helps those who find difficulties to get out of a car. In that case, the adaptation is done on a Opel Corsa, but the indications are quite general to make it on another type of car :)

Step 1: Take the Mesaures of the Middle Sit.

This will show us how large and wide the wood support will be

Step 2: Take Some Marquetery Wood

Step 3: With the Mesaures of the First Step, It's Necessary to Saw the Wood With a Hacksaw

It's easier if you first draw the mesaures with a ruler!

Step 4: Sand Them!

Step 5: Take the Mesaures of the Reinforcement Showed in the Next Step

You will need a ruler or a tape mesaure

Step 6: Fix the Reinforcment With the Impact Tail

Step 7: Keep It Together With Some Clamps

It would last about a couple of hours

Step 8: Choose Some Wood to Make the Support Legs

Make sure they all mesaure the same!!! :)

Step 9: Fix These "legs" With Nails

You may need a mallet

Step 10: Let's Make Another Horizontal Rainforce

Fix it with impact tail and nails!!!

Step 11: Paint It (if You Want To)

Step 12: For the Next Step, You Will Need a Handle

Come one! We are finishing...

Step 13: Fix a Resistent Double Sided Tape Into the Handle to Fix It in the Car

Step 14: And "Voilà"!

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