Introduction: 3 Easy and Fun DIY Magnet Toys for Kids

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Three simple and affordable magnet tricks to do with kids.

Step 1: What You Need + Measurements + Prices

What you need:

1. For "magnetic spring" you need a wooden or plastic stick (aluminum, copper and ferromagnetic materials don't work) + some appropriate sized ring magnets. The drum stick I used is 15 mm Ø, ring magnets 16 mm inner Ø. These 5 pieces of ring magnets cost 8 $ shipping included

2. For "hurricane balls" all you need is two sphere magnets and a flat surface. Works nicely as small as Ø 5 mm spheres (Bucky Balls / Zen Magnets). I used grade N42, 12,7 mm Ø sphere magnets 2$ a piece. Blow through a straw and the air stream will give you crazy RPMs and prolongs the spin time.

3. For "magnetic spinning top" you need two small magnets and one ball bearing. Holding stick makes this easier but it's not necessary. It's good to use a rectangular shaped magnet on the ball bearing just to see the spinning better. Cost less than 2 $

Have fun :)