Introduction: 3 Feet Realistic R2D2 Homie - Mobile Toy Storage

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Hello all, This time i have created 3Feet starwars R2D2 Homie model, which is worth enough to make using 3D printer.Use my CAD file into 3D printer to bring R2D2 Homie to your Home.
we all love to have a crazy AI like R2D2,but this model is just a manual driven, and manual angled.This project extension can lead you to

  • RC R2D2,
  • Semi automated R2D2 .

And I have made this instructable for non technical peoples , with an basic aim " to make everyone understand and create one on their own". Comments are really welcome to improve my steps of explanation.

Step 1: Features

It has removable head - Which acts as cap for storage unit, and head rotates 360 degrees.
Wheel assembly - I have attached 8 wheels per ankle(24 wheels), at intermittent distance of 40mm each .
Multiple angle adjustment concept - This is my new slot design, you can see that the hole has semi circular cuts which is used to adjust angles of the leg and body using ankle slot .

Step 2: Downloaded 3D Look-alike Image

The 1st pic is downloaded from online, which is a statue version.

2nd is my model, updated with a new mechanism for various r2d2 positions,

Step 3: Design Dimensions & Assembly Methodes of Leg Portion

As I said earlier, this is how angles for the leg and body portion is adjusted based on our requirement.And from the above pic, you guys might get clear picture of the design preferences of the model,which i made.

Ankle slot dmns: 90mm length with 22mm dia , with circles of 2mm dia .(Note - The circular cuts partially holds the assembly, the rest is maintained (managed ) by the space between the adjacent circles

Step 4: Rest of the Parts - Basic Dimensions( for Non Cad Designers )

Now anyone can use these dimensions to make the entire model in Thermo-cooler , wood, cardboard or any other materials.And i had provided all the basic dimensions,since everyone has to be benefited with my instructables.

Ankle :( lower feet of R2D2)
Top width: 74 mm length 84mm - Base width: 180- 182mm length 260-264- Height 160mm (with wheels) (since it is tapper)

larger leg or arm :
height 650mm - top width 204mm -mid width 108mm -bottom tapper portion 47mm with 20mm radius of circle.(Note for larger leg ankle the rectangular extension width is76mm )

Body cylinder :
Height Outer 55cm ; Inner 45 cm. Outer dia 46.5cm ; Inner dia - 36 cm

R2D2 Head Height: Height without rubber projections 28cm ; with condering inner rubber 34cm
outer dia55cm

Centre leg Height: 195mm . (Tapper portion is similar to the larger leg dmns)

Step 5: Assembly of Body and Legs

Three Bolts are needed to assemble the components to the body,

Assembly is made as follows each bolt per assembly.
Central Body with Center leg assembly
Central body with Right leg
Central body with Left leg

Step 6: Wheel Attachments

From the above pic , you guys can actually see small cylindrical projections, which acts as that shaft for Wheel axes.
Note - "wheels can be of any desired diameter from x mm to x mm and guys feel free to change according to your imagination"

Step 7: Cad Files

Download this Zip file.
And extract to your system,
copy it to your pen-drive.

Go for 3D printing shop and bring a brand new R2D2 homie to your home.
I hope this might be useful enough.

If you're not able to download, then mail me ;

My hearty thanks for reading it with patience,


Step 8:

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