Introduction: 3 First Aids in One

I am a real big survival, and first aid head. Ive always loved it. These three first aids are of what I have decided to keep. I usually take 1 or 2 with me when I go airsofting, camping, or anything outdoor.

If there is something I need to add. Please let me know!

Step 1: 1st First Aid: Individual Military

This first kit I bought off a friend and it came with the usual stuff from the military. It came with the ALICE hooks to connect to the pack, the plastic firs aid kit, and then I added some mole foam for blisters.

Step 2: 1st First Aid: Protection

* 1 Giant gauze pad
* 1 pair of latex gloves
* 1 Camo Dressing

I added the first two, but it came with the last one.

Step 3: 1st First Aid: Cleaning

I have kept the alcohol pads that came with the kit and then added more. You never know when youll need them! I also added an anti biotic ointment.

Step 4: 1st First Aid: Band-aids

I have MANY band-aids in here pf all sizes. I also included a water proof one!

Step 5: 1st First Aid: Misc.

I have included a sting relief, tweezers, Mole foam (for blisters), and it came with 2 burn relief.

Step 6: 2nd First Aid: Contents

Im not going to do like I did for the first one because I dont want to go through that. So im just going to tell you the contents with pictures.

* 2 sterile Gauze dressings
* 4 Sterile non-woven 2x2 4ply gauze pads
* 10 Alcohol Prep Pads
* 1 Dove soap bar
* 2 Gauze Wraps
* 10 Q-Tips
* 4 wood tongue depressors
* Band-Aids
* 1 Small roll of tape

Step 7: 3rd First Aid: Contents

This is mainly for open cuts and blood type stuff.

* 11 Alcohol Prep Pads
* 2 4inx4in Cover Sponge
* 1 12ply 3in x 3in Gauze pad
* 5 2in x 2in 4 ply multi purpose dressings (Gauze)
* 1 Surgi Pad 8in x 7 1/2in combine dressing (Military Grade)
* 13 normal size band aids
* 13 small size band aids (Stitches)
* 1 H band-aid
* 1 dot Band-aid
* 1 Anti Biotic
* 1 Roll of Adhesive Tape
* 1 First aide guide