3 First Aids in One




Introduction: 3 First Aids in One

I am a real big survival, and first aid head. Ive always loved it. These three first aids are of what I have decided to keep. I usually take 1 or 2 with me when I go airsofting, camping, or anything outdoor.

If there is something I need to add. Please let me know!

Step 1: 1st First Aid: Individual Military

This first kit I bought off a friend and it came with the usual stuff from the military. It came with the ALICE hooks to connect to the pack, the plastic firs aid kit, and then I added some mole foam for blisters.

Step 2: 1st First Aid: Protection

* 1 Giant gauze pad
* 1 pair of latex gloves
* 1 Camo Dressing

I added the first two, but it came with the last one.

Step 3: 1st First Aid: Cleaning

I have kept the alcohol pads that came with the kit and then added more. You never know when youll need them! I also added an anti biotic ointment.

Step 4: 1st First Aid: Band-aids

I have MANY band-aids in here pf all sizes. I also included a water proof one!

Step 5: 1st First Aid: Misc.

I have included a sting relief, tweezers, Mole foam (for blisters), and it came with 2 burn relief.

Step 6: 2nd First Aid: Contents

Im not going to do like I did for the first one because I dont want to go through that. So im just going to tell you the contents with pictures.

* 2 sterile Gauze dressings
* 4 Sterile non-woven 2x2 4ply gauze pads
* 10 Alcohol Prep Pads
* 1 Dove soap bar
* 2 Gauze Wraps
* 10 Q-Tips
* 4 wood tongue depressors
* Band-Aids
* 1 Small roll of tape

Step 7: 3rd First Aid: Contents

This is mainly for open cuts and blood type stuff.

* 11 Alcohol Prep Pads
* 2 4inx4in Cover Sponge
* 1 12ply 3in x 3in Gauze pad
* 5 2in x 2in 4 ply multi purpose dressings (Gauze)
* 1 Surgi Pad 8in x 7 1/2in combine dressing (Military Grade)
* 13 normal size band aids
* 13 small size band aids (Stitches)
* 1 H band-aid
* 1 dot Band-aid
* 1 Anti Biotic
* 1 Roll of Adhesive Tape
* 1 First aide guide

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    9 years ago on Introduction

    These all serve the purpose they were designed for,(basic first aid for minimal injured) the only thing I'd personally add would be an elastic (ace) bandage. A more comprehensive kit may contain otc drugs, suture sets, scissors, hemostats etc. Have you had first aid training? That's a good place to start, the American Red Cross offers many courses an many county colleges offer emergency medical technician training. Home study in wound care and minor surgery would be helpful in a real survival situation both for yourself and those with you.
    The kits I carry in the car and truck contain many of the same items you listed although I carry more 4x4's and less alcohol wipes, for large dressings I carry 2 feminine hygiene pads, I also carry aspirin, benadryl, aloe and antibiotic cream.
    Thank you for posting, you made me realize it's been awhile since I updated my kits, something I'm making a note to do tomorrow..


    Reply 9 years ago on Introduction

    Thank you for the advice! I actually do have one of those aice bandage things, just couldnt think of the name.

    I was in the boy scouts. so I have basic knowledge of first aid. I Was going to add asprin but decided not to.

    Thanks for the comment!


    8 years ago

    I have 3 army first aid kits genuine, 2 Large f-a kits and about 14 pouches. I love f-a too


    8 years ago on Introduction

    Thank you guys for all the views and everything from this instructable!