Introduction: $3 Helmet-Mounted Bike Light

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If you bike at night, and you're too cheap to shell out $35 for a specially made light and helmet mount, then these instructions are for you. All you need is a $3 flashlight and a shoelace.
  • $3 flashlight: I got mine at Big 5. It was in a basket at the check-out counter, and it was $3. The lady at the counter informed me that the ridges can be used for self defense. I cared more that it took AAA batteries and put out a nice strong beam. I'm betting there are about four billion other $3 flashlights you can find that will work just as well.
  • Shoelace: You can take one from an old shoe, or buy a new one for $0.99, or use a piece of string. If you're a rebel, you could use a piece of tape or a Velcro strap instead. It won't hurt my feelings.

Step 1: Make the First Loop

  1. Set the flashlight on top of the helmet.
  2. Loop your shoelace over the flashlight.
  3. Put each end of the shoelace through the closest holes in your helmet.
  4. Tie half of a knot on the inside of the helmet.
  • Note: by half a knot, I mean the first half of a granny knot. This is the first step you use when you tie your shoes. Don't finish the knot, your you'll have a big bump pushing into your head.

Step 2: Make the Second Loop

  1. Bring the ends of the string back up through the holes.
  2. Loop them over the flashlight towards the back of the helmet.
  3. Push them through the holes towards the back of the helmet.
  4. Tie a half-knot on the inside of the helmet.
Note: you can finish the knot here, if you don't want it showing on the top of the helmet. But it will probably dig into your head if you do. I'd recommend proceeding to the final step.

Step 3: Tie Off on the Top

  1. Bring the ends of the string back up through the holes.
  2. Tie a nice tight knot (like a square knot).
  3. Loop the strings back down to the bottom and trim them short.
That's it. You're done. Ride safe. Have fun.
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