Introduction: 3-Ingredient Auntie Ann's Pretzel Dogs

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We've all been through the mall when you stumble upon the glorious Pretzel cart. The salty dough fills the air and, like a magnet, we find ourselves mindlessly falling in line to fork over almost $5 for a dog wrapped in dough! And if your whole crew wants a pretzel dog? Forget about it! Talk about how to break a budget!

Well, ladies and gentlemen. Save your dough and savor this great 3 ingredient Auntie Ann's (almost) pretzel dog experience.

It's technically a dinner rolls dog, but it's delicious and it's a total hit for kids and tailgaters alike!

Step 1: Ingredients

This is a super basic recipe, guys. But it yields some fantastic and down right impressive results!

☆Dogs of choice - we use cheddar brats, but Auntie uses long wieners.
☆ Thaw n Rise dough (dinner rolls for less dough, Texas rolls for more)
☆ An egg

Step 2: Let's Get It Started!

The majority of the cooking is going to be done while you're living your life. Put the brats on to boil in a pot of water and walk away for about 45 mins. (Okay, to be fair, you still want to make sure the water hasn't all boiled off. But you can MOSTLY walk away from it)

After you get that started, pull your dinner rolls out to thaw. (1 per dog) You can set them on wax paper or a clean plate. We will be manipulating it later. THIS you can totally walk away from.

Step 3: Tan Your Wieners

Once the brats are done (160¤ F), drain.

Heat up a small amount of oil. We're gonna get some color on these dogs. Get em going on medium-high heat, and turn frequently. Remove when they're GBD - Golden, Brown, and deeelicious!

Set aside and let em cool off enough to handle.

Side note : check out that huge cheesy pocket on that brat! Yuuuuum!

Step 4: Become a Wrap Artist

This is the most difficult part..and it's SUUUUUPER easy! Take your now-thawed dough and streeeeetch it into a long strip. (Sidenote: kids love helping with this part!)

Wrap it around your dog and pinch the edges so they don't come apart. For less dough, you can leave space between the layers. For more dough, you can overlap. Take dough off for one, add to another, etc.

Now moisten the surface of the dough and let rise until about double.

Step 5: Egg Wash (Optional..but Optimal!)

Egg wash before baking makes your bread (and pies, crescents, etc) shiny and pretty. It's not necessary in the least bit. But if you're trying to impress, I think it's worth it.

Mix 1 C water with 1 egg white and brush onto the tops of the dough with a pastry brush just before going into the oven.

Also optional at this point: coarse sea salt or dehydrated onion sprinkled over the egg wash

Step 6: Bake and Serve

Alright it's time to finish these puppies off! Bake in the oven at 350¤F until nice and golden, about 10 mins. Serve hot with or without melted velveeta :)
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