Introduction: How to Make an Outdoor Kayak Storage Rack

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This is a light weight Kayak Storage Rack that can be moved into the garage in the winter and down by the river in the summer. We needed a way to store the kayaks all year round. This rack was designed to hold 3 kayaks remembering it is best to store kayaks on their sides or upside down.

Dimensions: (39” W x 42” H x 54” L)

The dimensions are made to support the kayaks at a distance of 4 feet. It supports our smallest kayak at 6’ long and the biggest at 8’6” long. As 2 of our kayaks belong to our young daughters, we wanted to make sure they could get their kayaks on and off the rack by themselves. Since the top kayak sits just 3 feet off the ground, this rack makes it easy for everyone. The ends also serve as a place to hang lifejackets to dry.

FYI - The top portion can be constructed identical to the bottom to accommodate 4 kayaks, if needed.

Step 1: Kayak Storage Rack Materials

Materials for the storage rack:
24 feet of 2 inch PVC black pipe
8 – 2 inch T joints
8 – 2 inch 90 degree elbow joints
PVC cement
10 feet foam insulation tubes
Duct tape or cable ties

Step 2: Cut Your PVC Pieces to the Proper Lengths

Cut the PVC piping into the following
- two 48-inch pieces
- two 30-inch pieces
- two 17-inch
- four 15-inch
- four 12-inch
- six 6-inch
- ten 3-inch pieces

Step 3: Build the Base of the Rack

Dry fit the following – do not use cement – make sure the rack fits your kayaks

There are 2 Two Ends of the rack – be sure to build 2 bases

- Attach the two 15-inch pieces into a T joint
- On each end, attach an elbow joint
- On the top of the elbow, insert a 3-inch piece

Step 4: Now Let's Build Vertically

- From the top of the T joint in the base, insert a 17-inch piece
- Attach a T joint on top of this (pointing towards the middle).  This piece is going to receive the 48 inch pipe to tie the ends together.
- Attach a 6-inch piece on top of the T
- Attach another T joint (again pointing towards the middle) This piece is also going to receive the 48 inch pipe to tie the ends together.

Step 5: Now Let's Build the Top of the Kayak Rack

- Attach a 3-inch piece to the top of the T joint
- Attach another T joint (same direction as the base T joint)
- From the top T joint, attach two 12-inch pieces (these should be horizontal to the ground)
- On the ends, attach the elbow joints
- Insert a 3-inch piece to the top of each elbow pointing upwards (same as base)

- Carefully attach the 2 ends of the rack by spanning the middle using the two 48-inch pieces

Step 6: The Rack Should Loosely Look Like This.

Step 7: Make Adjustments and Glue It Together

Ensure all the pieces fit snugly. Then gently place your kayaks on the rack. Now is the time to make any adjustments. Once you are sure the rack will suit your needs, you are ready to take the rack apart and begin cementing the pieces. Be sure to apply the cement to both pieces of each joint.

Pay attention to the direction of your T joints!  Once you insert the pieces, you will only have a few moments to ensure it is on properly.

Once the rack has been rebuilt, you can measure, cut and attach the insulation tube. This will serve to protect the kayak. It is inexpensive and easy to replace when needed. You will need to secure the tube in place with either duct tape or cables ties.

The rack can be weighted down with water in the tubes or tied to cinder blocks, if needed.

See you on the water!  Enjoy!