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Introduction: 3 Minute Bracelet

Today I was looking for something to build, when I noticed a shoelace lying on the floor. Bam! Inspiration hit me. Why not make that functional accessory fashionable? Thus, the 3 minute bracelet was born.

Materials You'll Need:

- Shoelace (preferably one removed from the hood of a sweatshirt)
- Creativity (every design will be slightly different)

Step 1: Step 1 - the Shoelace and the Setup

Any shoelace will work, but a large, light, and slightly stretchable one is best suited for this design. I noticed that my lace has a knot directly before one aglet, while the other side is untied.

To start, take the shoelace and wrap it around your hand about four times. Make sure one end has more length than the other. Then take the longer end and run it below the other loops (see picture). Make sure not to pull the long end all the way through.

Step 2: Step 2 - Being Knotty!!!

This part is the only complicated portion of the whole thing, it may look long from all of the photos I've taken, but it takes a minute at most. The important thing is not to knot everything correctly, but to be creative in your design.

Part 1
Take the long end and bring it back over the loops, then weave it under its lower part (the original put through). Don't tighten yet

Part 2
take the shorter end (bet you almost forgot it was there) and pull it away from the whole thing. hold onto it with your ring and middle fingers.

Part 3
tighten until you feel some resistance, still keeping the loops loose.

Part 4
take the long end and place it back over the loops, make sure to slide through bridge that it made with the loops. Remember to keep a hold of short end.

Step 3: Step 3 - Finishing the Knot

Take the short end and weave it back up and through the highest loop of the long end (Pic 1). Prior to tightening, take completed bracelet, put it on your wrist, and adjust it to a comfortable tightness.Tighten (Pic 2). Put on the 3 minute bracelet, and knot it one more time for good measure (Pic 3).

Step 4: It Only Took 3 Minutes?!

I can't guarantee that it will take you exactly three minutes to complete, but it will probably take longer to read this instructable than it will to finish the bracelet. The most important thing about this is creativity. You can come up with new knots, new patterns, pretty much anything you like.

I welcome suggestions, so feel free to comment on anything you think would improve this article or the design itself.

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