Introduction: 3 Minutes to Teach You to Make Your Own Small Generator

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Today we are going to make a small engine ourselves. This engine can turn the bulb on when we turn it. The experiment involves the conversion of mechanical energy, electric energy, and light energy.

Step 1: Prepare Experimental Materials

Hand-cranked generator production kit (the core material has one motor, one LED, and several wire gears)

Step 2: Fix the Right Angle Bar to the Bottom of the Retention Plate

Step 3: Install the Gear and Rocker on Top of the Two Shafts.

Step 4: Secure the Motor to the Retention Plate.

Step 5: Install the Gear Rocker Onto the Retention Bar.

Step 6: Connect the LED to the Motor Wire and Shake the Rocker to Observe the Light.

Step 7: Experimental Principle

In this experiment, we convert mechanical energy into electrical energy and then convert it into light energy.

Faraday's law of electromagnetic induction: As long as the magnetic flux passing through the closed-circuit changes, there is current in the closed circuit. The common point is that the closed wire generates current when it is moving the cutting magnetic line.

Because there are coils (closed circuits) in the motor, there are magnetic lines (with magnets) that will cut the magnetic line motion, so we will make the current when the click is turned.