Introduction: 3 Output Power Supply

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I needed an external power supply for my projects. I had an old dvd player which refused to work anymore so I decided to give him another utility. I have removed the power board and all other parts which could be used for some other projects.

With power supply from dvd player I made one external power supply for my projects which has three outputs: 1 x 12V, 2 x 5V and 2 x GND.


Step 1: Parts and Tools


- power supply from old dvd player

- empty plastic/wood box or you can make your own

- on/off switch

- power cord (from same dvd player)

- connector strip

- wires

- 5v lamp or led (optional)

- usb female port (optional)


- soldering gun

- hot glue gun

- screwdriver

Step 2: Install All Parts

- drill all necessary holes for switch, power cord, lamp and usb port

- fix power supply board with hot glue inside your box

- fix on/off switch with hot glue in his possition

- solder wires from power cord, one to switch and another to one pins from power supply board; another wire shoul go from switch to power supply.

- solder wirest from all five pins (1 x 12V, 2 x 5V and 2 x GND); pull out those wires through a small hole drilled on top of your box

- connect wires to one side of connector strip

- fix connector strip with hot glue or drill two holes and fix by bolts and nuts

Step 3: Final

I hope this is helpful.

Enjoy your projects.

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