Introduction: 3 Part Box Puzzle

This is a puzzle that came to my mind as I was making decoration for Christmas. You know, those decorations where you make long strand of paper by linking them as chains.

So this puzzle is like you take a link of 3 paper rings and assemble them to make a box.

Step 1: Main Part

Make a link of 3 paper rings of the same size. They should be exactly cube for this puzzle to work.

Give the link to a friend and tell them to assemble this into a perfect cube.

Solution in next steps.

Step 2: Part 1 of Solving

Take the left ring and tilt it to align it with the middle ring. See the image for details.

Step 3: Part 2 of Solving

Now you will have a perfect pocket where you can slide the 3rd ring into. See the image for details.

Do that and you are done.

Step 4: Perfect Cube

It may take some practice to do the steps but it is worth trying.

Go ahead! Make, play and enjoy.

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