3 Quick and Easy Recipes (Part One)

Introduction: 3 Quick and Easy Recipes (Part One)

This is the first part of a three-part recipe series. The remaining two recipes can be found on my profile, or here and here.

Step 1: Get Your Ingredients Ready.

The needed ingredients for this recipe are as follows:

Makes about 5-10 Pancakes

2 Eggs

100ml Milk

2 mashed bananas (preferably ripe)

2 table spoons sugar (can be more or less, depending on preference)

1 cup flour

Other optional ingredients that you can include are cocoa powder, blueberries, honey, etc. They're very customizable.

Step 2: Mash the Bananas.

Mash the bananas up until little to no chunks are left. This is up to your preference, if you would like your pancakes to have bigger pieces of banana in it or if you want it to be a fine paste. Using a fork to mash the banana up is recommended.

Step 3: Add Wet Ingredients.

Basically, add the two eggs to the bananas and mix them together. Then, add the milk and mix well again. The batter should be equal and no ingredient should stay out in any way.

Step 4: Mix Sugar and Flour.

Now, add the sugar (I was using brown sugar, but you can also use granulated sugar if you would like. Stevia works too) to the flour and combine them in a separate bowl.

Step 5: Combine Everything to Form the Batter.

Now, add the dry ingredients (sugar+flour) to the wet ingredients. First, combine them manually using a fork or a spoon, but it is recommended to use a handmixer.

Step 6: Make the Pancakes.

Now, get a pan and heat it up. Put a little bit of butter in it before you start putting the batter on it. Use a spoon or a spatula. You'll know they're ready to flip when bubbles start forming and it doesn't seem liquid anymore.

Step 7: Assemble.

Don't worry if they don't look pretty - it's quick, it's easy, and precision costs time. And they taste just as good when they're not perfectly round. Once the pancakes are out of the pan, put them on a plate that is covered with paper towels. That will absorb the excess butter and grease. You can now add more fun things to top it off - berries, honey, ice cream - or you just eat it straight.

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