Introduction: 3 Scene Design Assignment

My son loves using Tinkercad and is very interested in this contest so he asked me to help him with this. I asked him what he wanted to make the designs of and he replied with "Cool places!" So with that information I told him to make 3 designs of the cool places he wants to go.

Step 1: First Place: Cafe

The first place that my son constructed was a Cafe. This was no surprise because he loves cafes and how you can relax in them. The cafe is very welcoming on the outside with brick walls and a plant by the door. On the inside are seats for customers and a counter with a food container

Step 2: Second Place: Utility Store

The second place that my son made was a Utility store. I asked him what was cool about this place and he said he wants to work with tools and make things when he get's older. The store looks very rustic and makes me think about different types of wood designs. I love it!

Step 3: Third Place: Luckheart Island!

This third place is an island made by my son. He made it because he's always wanted an island to escape to when he's bored. He tried to submit this himself for this contest but they denied him so this is why I am doing it for him this time. He put a lot of hard work into this island and I don't want to see it go to waste. I'm really proud of him for making these models and I think that he has a bright future ahead of him. I feel as if they should've given him a chance but what can you do? I'm just glad that he came to me for help!

Step 4: Luckheart Island!

This is Luckheart Island when you export it!

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