Introduction: 3 Scrap Substitues for Stuffing Toys

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I love to crochet little balls and plush toys. I prefer to use Poly-fil most of the time to for stuffing. But sometimes I don't have any on hand. So I decided to share my three substitutes for stuffing.

These also happen to all use scrap materials that you probably have sitting around which is a bonus!

Step 1: Yarn Scrap Stuffing

The first substitute is yarn scraps.

These are those tiny pieces you cut off the end of your projects. I used to throw them away but I started saving them thinking I could do something with them. One day I discovered that they work great as stuffing! Now I always save my ends even if they are only a few inches long.

Of my three substitutes this is my go to choice. I can barely tell the difference between it and poly-fil. It has a very nice squishy feeling.

Step 2: Foam Scraps

My second substitute is foam scraps.

I always have bits and pieces of foam in my recycling stash and I discovered that when ripped up into little pieces it makes great stuffing!

The thing I like about using foam bits is that it gives a little firmer feel to your project. So if you are wanting something that is stiffer and holds its shape better then foam is a great option!

Step 3: Fabric Scraps

Finally my last substitute is fabric scraps.

This is one I just recently tried out. I took some little scraps of fabric that were too small to sew with and cut them into little strips. Then used those to as stuffing.

What I noticed about using fabric is that it gives your project a little more weight. This stuffing would be great for projects where you want a little more heaviness like a ball or the body of a crochet animal.

Also you can experiment with different kinds of fabric. With cotton fabrics you get a lighter softer feel. With heavier fabrics like denim or suede you will have a heavier stiffer feel.

I hope this helps you out when you need some stuffing or if you just want to bust your stash of scraps.

Happy crafting!

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