Introduction: 3 Simple Salsas "Pico De Gallos"

This Instructables is to teach you the basic understanding of a Simple Salsa(Pico De Gallo). By using this basic recipe you can change it up into endless combinations. I will show three different types. The classic, The avocado, and the Mango versions.

On a later Instructable I will show you how to use these three versions to make three different Ceviches.

Step 1: What You Will Need

We will begin with the classic recipe

1. Whole tomatoes
2. Onion
3. Cilantro
4. Clove of garlic
5. Serrano pepper or jalapeño.
6. Lime juice
7. Salt

Mango version

1. All of the above
2. One mango

Avocado version

1. Everything from the classic version
2. One Avacado

Step 2: Dice Tomatoes

Dice 4-5 tomatoes and place them in the mixing bowl.

Step 3: Dice Onions

Dice your 1 small onion and place it in the mixing bowl along with your diced tomatoes.

Step 4: Chop Cilantro

Finally chop one half cup of cilantro. Place it the mixing bowl along with your onions and tomatoes.

Step 5: Mince Chili Pepper

Finding this your chili pepper you can use jalapeño or Serrano. For spicy use one whole pepper. Four medium use hot pepper. For my own use no pepper. When you're done add this to the mixing bowl.

Step 6: Mince Garlic

Finely mince one Clive of garlic and add to the mixing bowl.

Step 7: Lime Juice & Salt

Squeeze one large lime over the mixing bowl and add salt to taste. Stir the bowl until all ingredients a mixed.

You are now done with a classic recipe. From this point on when we referred to the classic recipe we are referring to step 2 through step 7.

Step 8: Dice Mango

In order to make Mango salsa

Dice 1 mango and add to the classic Pico De Gallo recipe ( Steps 1-7).

Step 9: Dice Avacado

To make the avocado version follow steps 1-7.

Dice one avocado and added to the classic recipe.

*note* A simple trick to dice avocados is to cut one half and dice inside the skin as shown in the photo. Then spoon out the diced portion.

Step 10: Enjoy

Now you can enjoy with tortilla chips, or as a simple spread inside a taco.

Stay tuned to a future instructible on how to use these recipes to make three different ceviches.

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