Introduction: 3 Steps to Clean Rust

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Ever thinking about any uses of Coca Cola except drinking?

Well, it can be used in other ways to make our job easier.

Step 1: What We Need

- Coca Cola

- paper towel or cotton rags

- wire brush

Step 2: Prepare Surface

- in case you have a rusted bolt and nut you cannot open, first you have to remove extra amount of rust accumulated on that surface, with wire brush

- for stainless steel and other fine surfaces use only rags not to get any scratches

Step 3: Finishing

- apply Coca Cola to rusted surface and wait few minutes

- try to open rusted nut

- if there is no success, apply again some Coca Cola and wait

- repeat steps few times if necessary

- for stainless steel surface you can use an plastic wire brush or just rags

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