3 Swimwear Tips and Tricks




Introduction: 3 Swimwear Tips and Tricks

How to jazz up a swimming costume, stop goggles fogging and stop flip-flops slipping off.

These 3 simple and cheap tricks may well save your day at the beach or pool!

Step 1: 1. Loose Flip-flops

You're at the beach, but you've forgotten your beach shoes, bringing only your flip-flops. You can't go in the sea barefoot, who knows what's buried in the sand! But your flip-flops only slip of when you try to swim.

You only need a piece or ribbon, or even string will do if you can't find any ribbon.

As shown in the pictures, tie one end of the ribbon to one of the straps where it meets the base.

Take the ribbon behind your ankle, to the other side of your foot.

Bring it around your ankle and securely tie it to the other strap, near the base.

This will stop your flip-flops falling off when your try to swim.

WARNING: Tying the ribbon too tightly may damage your feet. If you feel your feet tingling or getting pins and needles, loosen the ribbon immediately.

Step 2: 2. Anti-fog Goggles

Have you ever been swimming when your goggles start to steam up? This tends to happen with scuba goggles.

A simple free trick to prevent this is to spit on the inside of the lens and cover it with a thon layer of saliva.

I know it may sound disgusting, but trust me, it works!

Step 3: 3. Revamp a Plain Swimming Costume

To jazz up a plain, boring swimming costume, take a pen and mark out two triangles on each strap.

Cut these out and you're left with 2 triangular shaped holes that make any swimming costume look that bit snazzier!

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