Introduction: 3 Tech Gadgets That Could Improve Your Health

If you think getting healthy is all about keeping things natural - that's not necessarily the case. The truth is, technology can help. There are loads of gadgets out there aiming to do just that - get you healthy. But how do you know which to choose when there are so many?

We're going to look at some of the best tech gadgets that could help get you healthy.

Step 1: Sleep Monitor Alarm

Did you know that WHEN you wake up is one of the most important factors in keeping you feeling good and healthy. That means you could actually feel better after LESS sleep.

Sleep is made up of a number of stages, from light to deep. You cycle through them throughout the night.

It's much better for you if you're woken during a light stage when compared to a deep one. The great thing about a sleep monitor is that it only wakes you during the right sleep stage, rather than jolting you out of the wrong one (like normal alarms can).

Step 2: Electronic Cigarette

These tech gadgets might seem simple - but that's why they're so effective. While nobody's suggesting you take up "vaping" as a non-smoker - they have become possibly the number one tool for those trying to quit. You should be aware of the health benefits associated with quitting smoking by now, and the list really is huge.

If you've tried other methods like patches or courses without success, e-cigs might be for you as you still get the social side of smoking, without ruining your health. There are even high-tech super-gadgets like the Volcano vaporizer to get excited about!

Step 3: Your Smart-phone

The truth is, your smart-phone is already a health machine. If you want it to be. Smartphones can help you eat healthily or achieve your goals. The right app could make a difference to your health - so choose a few and give them a go.