Introduction: 3 Things You Can Make From 9v Batteries

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Next time you plan to take your jar full of batteries to a recycling point, salvage the connectors from 9v batteries.

In this Instructable, we will look at 3 things you can make from 9v batteries.

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Step 1: Snap Button

If you need a snap button, but you don't have one, look into your battery bin.

I wanted to add a snap button to a fake leather sleeve.

I opened a 9v battery to remove the connector.

Step 2: Snap Button

I drilled 4 holes in the plastic and cut it in half.

Step 3: Snap Button

I sewed the battery connector buttons to the sleeve.

Free snap buttons from an old 9v battery

Step 4: Battery Connector

If you need a battery connector, but you don't feel like going to the shop, you can make one.

Remove the connector from an old battery and solder 2 cables to it.

Step 5: Key Holder

You will need a few 9v batteries.

I used a piece of decorative stone to glue 3 battery connectors on top.

Step 6: Key Holder

I also glued 2 connectors together

Step 7: Key Holder

When the glue was dry, I drilled a hole in the connector and attached it to the keys.

As you can see, I made another one for my car keys.

Step 8: Key Holder

Now we have a fancy key holder.

You can also put keys on top of each other.

You can go one step further and make a battery coat hanger.

It's better not to use a real battery as they tend to leak.

You don't want the acid to end up on your clothes or skin.

Open the battery, fill it with something and put it back together.