Introduction: 3 Things You Can Make From Caulking Tubes

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If you like to fix things yourself, there is a big chance that you have come across a caulking tube or a caulk tube.

Fillet with a silicone, glue, wall filler and other materials, its simple yet ingenious design is perfect for many DIY jobs.

In this Instructable, we'll have a look at 3 thing you can make from empty caulk tubes.

We'll make a:

  • Water Gun
  • Secret Safe
  • Confetti Launcher

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Step 1: Water Gun

I used a wooden stick to get out the plunger.

Alternatively you can get it out with a pump.

I only reuse caulking tubes that were filled with a water based product as it's much easier to wash them out.

Step 2: Water Gun

I drilled a hole in the plunger and swapped it with the one in the caulk gun.

Step 3: Water Gun

I tied the tube to the gun with cable ties.

The only thing left was put on the nozzle and fill the tube with water.

Step 4: Water Gun

We have made a powerful water gun.

Step 5: Secret Safe

I drilled a hole in the plunger and put in an eye bolt.

That's it!

Step 6: Secret Safe

We have made a secret safe in a caulk tube.

Step 7: Confetti Luncher

I pushed the plunger into the tube.

Step 8: Confetti Luncher

Then I covered it with confetti.

Step 9: Confetti Luncher

I glued a very thin napkin (1 ply of the napkin) on top of the tube to close it.

Step 10: Confetti Luncher

Now all we need is a pump.

A little bit of air and the plunger will shoot out with a "bang" and a confetti cloud.